Who Should Seth Godin be annoyed at the most?

365 Main, Sixapart or Forbes.

When San Francisco suffered from a blackout on Tuesday, 365 Main was found without redundant ware.  Their competitor Equinix when asked had redundant batteries and diesel generators plus a supply of empathy for 365 Main.  365 Main serves Craigslist, SixApart, Technorati, Red Envelope, Sun Microsystems and Yelp.
Forbes further reports that SixApart serves someone who writes a widely read marketing blog, someone named “Seth Grodin”.  ” In Blackout on the Web” a “Seth Grodin” had been “annoyed and upset” by SixApart’s downtime.   Now I am confused, on Google there are 47,500 links to “Seth Grodin” and 2,120,000 links to “Seth Godin”.    The New York Public library has 28 titles that belong to a marketing guru named “Seth Godin”.  In grand finale on do we “Grodin” or do we “Godin” the url for Seth Godin’s marketing blog is:  http://sethgodin.com/sg/
May I suggest to all “beat, mediocrity and take the Dip”?


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