Would you just trust your keyboard?

soho apple – bubblegumcellphone 2007

qwerty that is. uh ok but no way am I going to use two-thumb typing.

I used touch typing on the Nokia N800 and I plan to do it with the iPhone. Geekboy and the teen-something expert stood shaking their head and looking at me, like what odyssey did you fall out of.

Geekboy said “You can’t, its too fast, you have to use your thumbs.”

Later I got debriefings on blackberry thumb challenges at 60 thumbs per minute, over a year ago, hmm.

note: The long tale at the amazon for a customer who uses awesome for the Nokia N800 device in February 2007 is an amazing 87 of 88 found 5-star rating helpful.

Back to that tantalizing apple, iPhone. According to Gizmodo comments regarding the trick to typing on an iPhone:

“Trust thy keyboard.”–Steve Jobs on iPhone thumbology.

Yep iPhone is a chip from out of Stanley Kubrick’s space odyssey world. Your thumbs are merely having a conversation with a very understanding listener. iPhone is getting to know you.

Ok could I have the rest of my fingers back now, thank you.


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