Is it the Space or the Place that Pulls you in?

We were on our way to New York City Wooster Street destination Design within Reach when I saw “Aroma” and “Expresso” in the same breathe. I thought it interesting and I wanted to go in. Geekboy said “Its just coffee. No, we want brunch.” I said “Look how it sits on the corner. Look at all that space. They have just got to have so much more.”

Aha. Look what we found. Wonderful breads, fresh food like avocado sandwich or roast beef sandwich. Coffee that was not deprived of expresso and hazelnut chocolate at the bottom. A wonderful brunch indeed. I couldn’t help notice how nice the long bars and family style tables were. They were definitely single or family friendly seating.

Turns out this is not just a space but a place. NYSun wrote Aroma Expresso Bar into its “Israeli Culinary Chains..” in August 2006.

And yes indeed we did make it to our Wooster destination, Design within Reach. Geekboy, who so tenaciously holds on to the other end of the towel I have targeted for throwing in (“I’m moving out” she cries) was elated upon finding the IonFlow50F Air Purifier at Design within Reach. It sports 12V usage, no filters required, no ozone production, meets euro ROH directive , serves 540 square feet, leaves smoke-filled air 99% purified.

I found the big idea of it all an inspiration. Affordable air therapy for the whole city;

about the benefit and possibility of making an affordable version of this product for the poor asthmatic girls who live outside the elite zone of New York City. An even bigger idea, expresso fueled, that if the largest popsicle ever could dirty up Union Square and reap negative press from over 10 major media kingpins and still be posted in pleasantmorning buzz… well why not the world’s largest ever IonFlow50F Air Purifier for the metropolis of New York City, a design within reach.
Design Within Reach - Fully Licensed Classics (468x60)


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