Triple 5 Soul Rocks

They are so uber trendy 555 Soul, humbly born 1989 at 151 Ludlow Street in the NYC.
Triple 5 Soul The Astro Cropped Trench Blazer, Light Jackets for Women

Triple 5 Soul pioneered the urban in the soul of a party line, triple 5. A handstitched hoody was one of their first offerings.

Triple 5 Soul The Brooklyn Tee, T-shirts for Men

Did you know that the party line was the standard for phone conversation before World War II. Hank Williams wrote a song about it in 1949. Anyone on your party line could pickup their phone and listen to your conversation. oops back in 2007 on 135th street I picked up my wireless headphones and more than an earful of someone on my wave’s conversation. phew, I really didn’t want to know that!

Triple 5 Soul The Twiggy T-shirt, T-shirts for Women

Want more on party lines go here.
Karmaloop LLC
Want more on 555 Soul go here — its a beautiful thing the way they keep their soul uber.
Harajuku Lovers The Baby Kokeshi Tank Top, Tops (Sleeveless) for Women

uh I really didn’t want to brag but Triple 5 Soul’s got Baby Kokeshi in its soul, they are a Harajuku, Tokyo store.


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