When it comes to paint some people can’t decide on color, not…

the city. According to the Gothamist the city can’t figure out which station to paint first. Its only been a year since someone gave the city a windfall for the job.. What gives? here

Basically I think the MTA needs to have a class in communications. Yesterday I asked an MTA cop why I can’t get across the platform to the other train before it leaves on 59th street and columbus. He said because the orders are not to have trains sitting there. I said excuse me I counted 10 seconds. He said complain but they won’t do anything.

Also there was a guy painting about 6 weeks ago at our subway station on 190th and bennett. After exactly five strokes and basically looking around he gave up. And he was painting the non peeling part.

Its not a matter of aesthetics. Its peeling paint gets in your hair, your kids hair, their ears, their nose, their mouth.

uh. what was I looking for in the first place. Oh what is a dry station pipe. Because the big red pipe that leads the tunnel to the trains on 190th and Bennett leaks and I want to know repercussions besides all my white pants having spots spatters all over the back from people riding my ass. Did I say that? yep, it must be the neighborhood.


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