When it comes to Rain the Subways Go Better with slow rather than full force

woman on the spot bubblegumcellphone interrupted 6/2007

Interesting to note from the International Herald Tribune:

“Fearing a repeat of Wednesday, the Metropolitan Transportation Authority was placing water pumps throughout the system, putting extra buses on duty in case of subway flooding, and calling in extra staffers help customers in case of delays or service changes.”

“MTA would have made similar preparations before Wednesday’s had officials realized how serious it would be.”– MTA Executive Director Elliot G. Sander.”

excuse me, 2006 remember this?
Inside the MTA’s Fight Against Subway Flooding – July 10, 2006 …

I found the above a month ago when I was trying to figure out why 190th and Bennett Avenue tunnel was always wet. Why everyday my white pants are spattered with mud in the back. Spatterings that don’t come out with prespray of ecostain remover or tide stain remover or clorox stain remover. i.e. doesn’t come out in a wash that includes detergent with stain removing properties. Noticing water leaks from all the pipes there I looked for a plaque to define them, their purpose, none. I found “dry station pipe” plaque outside the station. In fact, one of my posts was written in june, it is now august, and still spatterings, duh. see woman on the spot.

As I read the International Herald Tribune statement from Mr. Sander I was incredulous. I once again searched on my keywords ‘subway dry pump.’ I found this nifty pdf from 2004 about how the subway is like your kitchen sink, slow = go and flash = no.
2004 pdf
How the New York City subways were built below the water table and how they were waterproofed 100 years ago and its wearing thin. How (as in 2006 and 2007) it doesn’t take much to plug up the pipes. Main culprit, as in subway fires, is the daily newspapers that people flip in your face as they stretch themselves all out, drag on your clothes and on your head if you are sitting below them!!!
There were plenty of buses out there. There just was not one piece of management out there. Just like the traffic. There is no traffic management out there. No thought of what will be the result of taking all these buses from here and never getting them there. No thought of what happens when you tell a car and a pedestrian that they may both go at the same time. And cigarette smoking so thick on the street that even if you wanted to walk instead of use public transportation you can’t, its unhealthy and unpleasant.

And did anyone mention things weren’t moving at 59th because 59th street has been wrecklessly torn up to enrich Mr. Bloomberg’s Mr. Green status. And there will be more paper in the subway if you open your con ed bill there. A $1 discount for a CFL bulb. Sure hope it contains information about the mercury inside the bulb, phew, talk about getting into the wrong hands. Hello, the compact fluorescent bulb introduced in the 1980’s, most of us have been using those in our homes since they were vastly improved and safer, five years ago. Everytime I move into an apartment I put them in every bulb fixture and I never take them out. That means someone else also enjoys the green savings too. Imagine that, helping someone else out.

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