Oceanfront Smoking in Brighton Beach

So Geek Boy and I went to Coney Island. We walked the boardwalk from Stillwell Avenue to Brighton Beach. At the end there were three Russian restaurants. We chose randomly Winter Park. Geekboy ordered a beer and a diet coke for me. Then, as soon as our drinks arrived, the Russianstapo at the table next to us lit up cigarettes. I went to the manager and said we were not aware that smoking was allowed in the restaurant. There was no indoor to this restaurant. They could hardly speak English so I said we were leaving, cancel the order. We put $20 down on the table to cover the drinks we had not even tasted. As we left it was like the mafia was on alert. The waiter even came up and asked us to wait for the check. I said you have your pay at the table and I am reporting you to the health department.

I think the food would not have been great anyway. They were way overcharging. They did not even know the market rate for Lobsters.

I asked geekboy what is the difference between a Lobster and a hedge fund. He said a Lobster was tastier.

The Face of the Smoking Nazis

Every one I have asked about smoking in New York City totally agrees. The number of quits is way off base, the number smoking totally wrong. I’ve given you the low down in the past. Sue the Survey. Why keep lying we know you are liars already. Try to Stop!

Got Cigarette? Have you tried [soy]Milk?


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