Local Paper assigns ‘Greenest’ status to a Square

The New York Times, Sunday Paper, stated:

“Union Square may be the city’s greenest neighborhood.” One business therein had “coined” the square “wheatpacking”.

Yep, makes no sense at all.


Meatpacking district honestly comes by its name. As far as I have chacha‘d wheat is not packed in or on Union Square. Actually Central Park is probably the “greenest” neighborhood along with Park Slope / Prospect Park and Cloisters/Fort Tryon all holding hands rather tightly on ‘greenest.’

Spas and gyms and yoga and tai chai, oh my, are not unique to Union Square, nor is happiness. Every other inch of the city is jampacked with these “green” necessities of NYC life.


Its our only refuge, the parks, the yoga, the spa.
The X-treme lack of city management demands it.

Inner Peace Sculpture

The Meatpacking District (MePa) is probably more Wheatpacking than Union Square.
Green Table
Stella McCartney
Sally Herschberger Face Place
auto. (organic goods)
The Modern (geothermal green luxury rental in MePa, see New York Post, Patches of Green“)

So p-l-e-a-s-e leave Union Square the dignity it already owns. A square for democracy, a place of freedom of speech and patriotic rally.

“In April 1861, soon after the fall of Fort Sumter, Union Square was the site of a patriotic rally that is thought to have been the largest public gathering in North America up to that time.”–wiki Union Square

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