How Black Got its Credibility

If you are feeling overexposed to blankety-blank is the “new” black, join the club!

H-e-ll-o …. what is this black they are talking about?

Well, according to wikipedia I am not to take this ‘catch all’ phrase literally. Its an “X is the new Y” sort of thing.   A popularity contest.

Snowclone, anyone? reference Wiki

I was so hoping for a cultural reference, you know like punk rocks, or Coco’s little dress. Oh well, work with what you are given, its the secret. Culturability is a far different game from its distant cousin, credibility, at least in this year 2007.

I’m trendy


This is the 3D me.
Make your own,
and we both get Coinz!

Touch comes to iPod. Introducing iPod touch. 8GB and 16GB models from $299. Free shipping.

So could we now say that iPod Nano is the new iPhone?
The Louis Vuitton limited edition, the new limited edition?
See” Tuesday with twiggers: What Does Limited Edition Louis Vuitton Really Mean?”

No, I am afraid not, those two are cultural things, to which “X is the next Y” does not apply.

How about its the new Facebook? Do you mean, Google’s Orkut?

Yep, sounds like the new Black.


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