That’s Really Messed Up! he said

Oh boy, I am so still trying to recap last weekend, going backwards.

The scene is the dungeon-o-mat. Its where co-op share owners and renters duke it out with bargain hunting outsiders over the building’s five $1.00 washers and dryers along with a closing time of 4:30pm on a Saturday, Sunday, Thursday, Friday and Holidays.

This lady asked me what I thought of wearing white after Labor Day.


I sure had alot to say about that one.    Five Reasons Why You Must Wear White In NYC

like… how I believed if you didn’t wear white then all kinds of decay-like things could be going on with your clothes and your skin and who knows what else.

Then the guy from the Chemistry Department at Syracuse comes in to find that yes, one funky looking washer is available with just 30 minutes left on the “we’re closed” clock.

I show my dungeon-o-mat companions my five pairs of white pants all splotted (spoil-spotted). One is dreadfully spotted. They both go, ooh. I tell them how I’ve used Shout Out, Pout Out, Bleach and Ecocover religiously on them and have accomplished a big  zero in the fight against “A” Experience residue. Could it be that what is leaking out of the pipes and dry pump station at 192 and Bennett A station isn’t mud, isn’t water?

Yes, many a person has slipped and slided through the wet concrete tunnel. Many a person has kicked up mud-like slings on another’s backside without a thought or pause. It happens at least 4 days a week.

The lady tells me her mom turned her on to using softscrub.  She said you put it in on the spot with a q-tip and the spot starts to bubble.

The Chemistry Department guy says yes, just good ole, ordinary bleach.

I say again that was my first try, good ole, ordinary bleach.

He says “That’s Really Messed up” and he leaves disgusted.

I go out and buy a new Soft Scrub product, it is a gel and it has stain remover in it. Its also cheap at under $2.50 for 1 pint 1 oz.   So far I saw one of the spots get smaller within minutes and after 30 minutes it is still a spot.  I think these spots aren’t mud, what are they???


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