Small Favors from the Big City – Painting Over

Ok today I am going to work around 11am and they are painting the yellow line on the platform. Hip, hip hooray we get to be like other subway stations. Yep, the paper clogs from last week are still there. Yep, we get to be like all the other subway stations.

The saddest part is that it is New York City Brats who are the ones messing up the Big City.

Its like the last time I went to Yoga at the beautiful upper east side location (months ago). Already the people who used it had messed it up. The studio is beautifully organized with places to keep your shoes, and belongings. Still the people ignore the rules. Its messed like all the other ones.

What does it take?

This City could be so much better. It used to be so much better. We’ve got a Mayor who is trying to make it better. It doesn’t take money, it takes Values.

Like I said the MTA or City painted over places on the subway platform. I guess because basically it will be messed up by the end of the week. So why bother putting something really nice in.


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