Small Favors from the Big City – Traffic Police

I am grateful for the Traffic Police who have been standing out on Manhattan streets trying to control New York City Brats.

The police are so nice to them. The doh heads run the red light even in front of a guy with a TRAFFIC POLICE all over his vest and duh.   The police stop them and push them back to where they should be. I wish I could take a video. I guess I’ll just have to stick to inanimate objects. Like the bus in the broken cellphone image above.  It got to stay in gridlock because? Anyway I took the picture so here it is.  The traffic policeman who was watching this did a darn with his foot.  Well I don’t take pictures of people cause I wouldn’t want the same done to me.  Don’t worry.

In and around 1990 drummerboy got tickets because he was an nth over the gridlock and he was one of the top 10 drummers in the City, go figure.
I am glad the traffic police are out there making it safe for pedestrians and the law abiding drivers.  I think at the same time there should be a video that takes a picture of the intersection each time the light turns red.    Just the area that covers the license plate.  Then send these bad new yorkers stuck in it an either or, a ticket or a donation form to the Police Fund.    That’s what I would do.  They’d remember that and then like the other congestion causers they’d feel like they had helped someone out.  Yeah they could wipe their guilt away by contributing to the Veteran’s fund, see here.   

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