Does London love its People Better than New York City?

Today there were no cars or smokers in front of my building.  There was actually  clear air and it was a beautiful experience.  October 1 is the deadline for people not buying into the building to move out.  I had had this experience once before when I was signing for this place.  Ah but what has been in between and what may be ahead, a little shop of horrors story that seems to have come out of “The Plant.” electronic serial by Stephen King. Fear not, I have done the work and now I must polish it up.
Boy I’d love to be able to just walk about in a street or walk two streets in a row nonstop, in this Town I’ve lived in for at least 30 years (like who’s counting).  To breathe.  I’ve taught myself not to breathe in this extremely Toxic City.  I’ve taught myself to walk on the opposite side of someone who smokes or move when they put their cig in my ear as I am forced to wait multiple stop lights.   To protect myself from all the auto toxi-city.

In April, Streetsblog wrote up a delightful article in support of the better treatment Londoners receive from their government. here

I also found some great ideas about how maybe I can turn around the “A” experience where I live and the cars and buses parked outside.
These developers got together and formed and built some beneficial community sites wherein relationships with their government officials are founded and Real Conversations started.


Fix my street — built by mysociety, a community of developers using clever code.

Truly inspirational.  Maybe I can learn from East London about how NYC can learn from London. Heck one of my grandmothers did that in late 1930 for my Dad. Obviously she did not have the internet or a cell phone, quite possibly not a phone and definitely not a TV. Nope it was original thought and she got water fountains put in his school to boot.  And no she did not have an MBA or a law degree.  And she never, ever visited NYC.

Karmaloop LLC


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