In the 12th hour of objection

Yesterday, Friday, I leave my house an additional 30 minutes early. There is no way I am going to miss going to the post office to file my PAR to the Order Granting Application in my favor. I had waited until the last days to see if there was going to be any response from the afflicted landlord (“AL”).  On Thursday my 78- year old mom calls me agitated, she received an envelope from AL that requires signature by me.  It will be held at the Houston P.O. for 10 days then trekback to sender.  2006-2007 I had been promised overcharge payments on a specific date with a total wrapup of payment on November 2007.  Out of 12 possible timely payments, she chose only two untimely payments, she defaulted a total of 12 times and the aware DHCR let her and told her to pay the balance in their grant.   Problem is, they did not say when to pay it.  That’s like putting a sign outside the elevator to not smoke but inside there is no sign.  The amount due was negatively incorrect.

Remember.  She was the one who put my tv and computer in her room and threw alot of my things in the trash on the last day of “her” notice of termination.   You know, the one who was so inspired by the Extell movement in Morningside, that maybe one day her building would go coop?   She was increasing her regular overcharge to match anticipated mortgage payments and she was not keeping any of her present tenants or anyone who could prove it. She was making sure she started clean.

But back to the Friday story. I go down the stairs as usual to make my exit/entry into the “A” experience. Stopped only by the necessity of documenting the two cigarettes on the stairwells going down.  The Tobacco Control talent of the NYC health department has responded to my 311 complaint about them, they did not receive the three months worth of online Clean Air Complaints from me.   Apparently those don’t get recorded, huh???  Too bad I have the pdf for each and everyone of them. We’ll see, because I still don’t see any action taken.  Tomorrow is the last day for people not buying a share of building corporation to move out.

But back to the Friday story. The “A” experience was on time.  15 minutes to Columbus Circle. Finally, a marketer is proven right, 15 minutes, ok, closer to 20, but this is better. Always looking for better.

Oops no trains were running at Columbus Circle due “to an earlier incident”. No, No I did not wait. Been there and done that.

I went down the multiple stairs to catch a 57th and 7th avenue street bus. 5 minutes later no bus and two smokers have joined side-by-side. I start walking to the next stop. Maybe there would be no smokers there.  A fireman comes up to us and says the buses have been rerouted to CPW. I start walking to work, forgetta about it. I don’t need them. Then we are stopped by police yellow tape. The police officer holds it up so we can go through. Then we are met by multiple fire trucks. We can’t go further as the air is 150 degrees, bad for our lungs. I see the Vornado Inc. building and I go in and ask if they have a way out to the next avenue. They allow me to use their elevator to the parking garage.

Voila I find LOVE.

I don’t arrive in time to run my errands at the post office. I do arrive to work 10 minutes early though. Small, small favors from the City.

And at the end of the day there are no buses at 57th street.  I wait, a smoker joins us and is smoking on my back.  I leave and start walking home.  I see four policemen just standing around talking to each other while people commit outrageous traffic violations.  No favors from the City.

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