Nau’s the time to rethink your wardrobe

I do love Karmaloop. I think they give the urban artist a chance to make a living. Its hard to run a company that offers aesthetics, performance and sustainability from concept to product completion.

Such a product will cost a bit more than your China imports.

Ah, but the piece of mind, worth a billion. And anyway who needs a billion and who needs more than 4-8 items of clothing per season. Even then that’s alot. I try to just add or subtract a piece or two from one basic wardrobe. And then that might happen once every few years. I’m happy, I love my clothes. I had all of my clothes from high school up until a few years ago. I choose well, as if it is the only item I will be able to purchase for a very long while.

It was such a treat when I found NAU. They embrace the ideals I work towards. Beautiful clothes that endure and stand upon good principles. If you find their price tag a bit steep they have sales and specials. NAU brings you more than a brand, they bring you home to the kitchen, “The Thought Kitchen.” So they are in the karmaloop afterall.

Through Thought Kitchen I found out about braille graffiti. An idea that really spins the bottle on what’s legal in graffiti.

see “Feel the Writing on the Wall

As a customer you get to direct 5% of the sale to community change through their partners for choice network. I like the idea of choice and its good to have the reminder that there are others who need care.


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