A Feng Shui Day on Canal Street

The la-d-da of today is that I wouldn’t be able to attend Town Hall meeting tonight as my subway station is down and the alternatives are quite dangerous. I can’t wait to read about it though.

Still I hadn’t used my monthly MTA card all week so I was bent on using it today, Saturday. hmmm what shall I do, where shall I go?

Feng Shui in the Dining room, I remembered, “To create good Feng Shui in this room, you can hang paintings of fruits and food. “

Buy at Art.com
Breakfast at Tiffany’s
32×24 Fine Art Print

Voila I said, that’s it, the poster above, purchased as a “sale item” sometime ago. The store clerk told me they would mount the poster on cardboard for $30, pass. So I looked up how to keep the value of a poster, keep it in top shape with linen-backing. Using archival adhesive, adhere it to rice paper. Then adhere the rice paper to linen. Ok so I am going to adhere the rice paper to a stretched canvas instead. You know, so I can hang it.

I decided to pay a visit to Pearl Art Store on Canal Street. I walked to the “A” Shuttle bus stop. the bus did not stop, it passed me up. I saw it picking up these people who were just walking on the street.  The driver stopped to answer their question. I ran to catch this annoying aberration in promised weekend service. I was just there and the driver shut the door on my face. I ran after it and the driver ignored me. However, a BMX bus behind saw the whole thing, stopped the bus and waited for me to reach it. It was drag and stop to 168th and then the subway was local until 59th street. Quell Drag.

When I got out of the “A” at Canal Street this is what I saw.

What is it? I researched later and found that there was a NYCTA Canal Street project (CAT) Part I and Part II and one of the items of rethink was more visible crosswalks which they CAT-coined “high visibility gridlock.”

Ok.  Apparently there is much need for a Part III but no links to that. a) Gridlock whatever doesn’t work b) pedestrian walkways are overflowing.

I know Canal Street was named for the canal the Dutch built and the British?? paved over. The canal was built to clear the Collect Pond, that had become polluted and diseased (sound familiar). Still the real intent of Canal Street is its mainly Counterfeit commerce. Tourists flock to it like they used to flock to Times Square. Counterfeit Street, now there is real world talk for you and I bet the commerce would quadruple if they renamed the street to its current bearing.

At any rate, after crossing the “high visibility gridlock,”  I experienced this iPodspotting!

Aren’t you totally amazed at my broken cellphone?

Oh, the rest of the story. Pearl Art Store was fab as soon as I lost a few counterfeiters who caught eye of me and rode my “A__” experience.   I just went inside the store and made a quick left turn and stopped, placing my hand on my hip.  They turned and said we’re sorry.  Right, been there, done that so many times.

I knew what I wanted and there were Pearl people every step of the way to help me find it, quick as 1-2-3.   The ringup on that project? I cashed in under $.50 of the store clerk’s offer of $30. That includes archival adhesive, 24×36 stretched canvas, 24×36 rice paper, hanging hardware and wire.   Oh and of course, tax.  The real thing, beautiful commerce at Canal Street.

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