Dog Days Ahead

Here I am sitting on a Pilates ball typing away at my wireless keyboard …on my four-year old emachine laptop. Ah, yeah its you and me kid I coo to it as it tries to deal with demanding memory requirements it will never measure up to.

Today so innocently, so trusting, I walked over to Office Depot to pick up the already charged on my card, paid for and signed for “supplementary” laptop. Upon arrival I am told that the order has been cancelled. I say what? I will not take no for an answer.

I finally join the hovering Office Depot “team.” I see order cancelled possible fraud. I say hey, I don’t like my name being associated with that. What are you guys trying to do? Widgets
Apparently the “fraud” department had called me several times and when receiving no answer deleted the order as possible fraud.

Now I do not have any record of such calls. And that’s odd because my phone records every missed and received call.

And I am out of $799.00?

And what did I do to receive this deluxe treatment?

They were scratching to come up with an answer. Finally, their answer “1 out of 10 purchases is a fraud so its pretty acceptable that yours is too.”

“Huh? I said that makes no sense at all. It sounds like you are profiling me.”

“Look I want to see the money you took from me credited back to my account. When will that be? “

“48 hours. “

I said “ok after 48 hours I go to the D.A. and tell the whole story. We’ll see what they have to say.”

I did some research on Office Depot later. They have rebate fraud written all over their consumer report. So maybe I am just saved from even a doggier day.

Oh I gave up the idea of getting the laptop I paid for after 5 minutes of watching the guy on the phone. I thought I was making life easier for him when I said “ok, forget the laptop just give me my money back. “

He said “We don’t know how to give you your money back, I think we can’t.”

They told me I wasn’t getting the rebate offer or the laptop, I didn’t qualify because I had a fraud order.

Perhaps if I click my heels together three times and say there is no place like home, there is no place like home, then maybe, just maybe these punks will go away.

I said “look” to the guy who had placed my order and then later cancelled it as fraud. “You guys put the order in the computer, you took my id, all my information, you charged my cards, the money is taken out of my bank, are you for real? You mis-ordered the item and you fail to correct your mistake, instead you seek to blame. Sounds like I am in the NYC alright. This store should have purchased the laptop and sold it to me. Instead you sell it to me for another store and put in your store’s shipping address and my billing address. Can’t you see the light?” They just looked smarmily and shook their head and said, “This conversation is over.”

“Listen 48 hours and then I go to the d.a,” I warned as I left yet another New York City house of scams.

And all I could think of is you really must start looking for a really, really bad dog.


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