If a Syracuse Shopping Mall can show some Resolve

why can’t the NYC?

The Carousel Center in Syracuse, one of New York State’s largest shopping malls, has taken a stand on its property. No smoking at all on their property. click the story

I asked 311 last night to put a change form through on smoking in bus lines, subway station escalators, tunnels and stairs and at stop, no walk signs. etc. meaning wherever we, the non-smoker, are held captive audience to the non-caring smoker who will smoke when they want to and where they want to. Because? Because no one is saying no to them.

311 told me that they didn’t have anyone to funnel that complaint to. I said, no, no, no, its not a complaint, its a request for a change. I would like the current status quo to change. So I am asking for change from 311 on changing the way New York City takes care of its property.

At any rate, in my building I must still tolerate all my rooms filled up with cigarette smoke from 9PM – 8AM in the morning. And the bugger of it all, quite alot of the people smoking are breaking into the apartments above and below me, i.e. they don’t pay rent, they are criminals. I diligently place complaints with the NYC tobacco unit and they diligently come out and do find evidence. The landlord gets a warning letter.

Now I could put a little thunder under everyone’s butt. Just sue the whole lot of them. Yep, after 5 months and still counting with patience, due diligence and much creativity, it all boils down to another lawsuit and how high up will I take it.

We shall see, back to the books, research, research and research.


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