Why pay money to see the obvious?

I looked at economy.com, some people pay over $1,000 to receive a picture of the economy.

I get the lowdown right from the tap.

My most quarterly 401k plan —
minus $285 in the small cap fund. Got to love that I am paying for someone else’s house.

http://www.natefind.com daily

October 18, 2007
180 apartments in manhattan lowered their “for sale” price $200,000

the laundry downstairs…

blatant overinflation…
Someone who has lived in this “luxury” coop for 10 years is offered their 1-br apartment for $300,000 and $785.00 maintenance. How much are they paying for rent right now, $285.00 a month. This building has substandard security, even their mailboxes are vandalized. Why would you pay $785.00 a month maintenance when you can get a doorman building for that. Twice a week this coop has open house. The apartments across from, above and below me are empty for 5 months and, they get broken into each night. The management does nothing about it. Say hell-o to the reality of Manhattan economy.


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