Talk to the blog…

When all else fails and you’ve used up your quarterly haircut allowance, yes talk to the blog….

I cannot believe how many bad things in a row…

When I come into my office building all my co-workers just shake their head…

They don’t understand, others come and get a permanent job and then leave. But not me, I am never offered permanence, yet I am not allowed to leave….

I guess what really really bugs me most is I can’t get these various stores and vendors to quit ripping me off…yes in the future I will never go into another store promise but I am back to the future right now….

Ok. Was Office Depot in any way, shape or form my fault? Did I return anything? no! Did I do anything wrong? Did I put anyone under any undue duress? No! Last Friday their corporate told me I was getting my money back now. Hell-o we are at next Friday already and ….nada! I must call again….

And this week I had the goal of getting my money back from quite alot of people…

I achieved that and just had two more left.

Stuck in the mud again. Verizon Wireless. I’ve been working on this one for two months. My cell phone got wet in the MTA flood thing and it would not work. I kept trying to revive it, I sort of did. I took it to the Verizon Store and they said that it would only get worse and worse. So can I buy one like it, its got a great camera, Samsung 2G? No its no longer manufactured. The upgrade, no. We can upgrade you to this LTV? What’s that. Goldstar. I said no way. Then they told me it was better. So I bit. However, it was not in the store and they would have to ship it and could only ship to Geekboy. By the time Geekboy got the phone, I had already done a world of research and had figured out that the phone had to go back. I took the phone back to the store with the necessary paperwork in the box and the fedex label on the box. The store said they would ship it.

Hmm…the buck stopped there. Endless calls with Verizon People on the phone sending me to the store, the store sending me back to the phone people. The phone people saying they were going to give me a refund on the credit card it was purchased on and then disconnect. Then the next phone person saying that the fedex tracking number, the printout tracking record all in my wee hand, didn’t exist and for my peace of mind I’d better put the number in to fedex again. I said “excuse me, my peace of mind, my peace of mind is that I have six pieces of paper that show I am due $54. He said “Ma’am I understand but there is no proof and you might get a check if you can really prove we have your phone.” I looked up. People were standing around me. I forgot I was eating lunch in Pret a Manger. oops

This wireless thing was suppose to be easy. Its the hundreds of dollars that I am to get back from a webhoster that’s worrisome yet even 200% proveable. And that was the target for tomorrow. Next week was to be thousands of dollars from shitibank, absolutely 300% proveable.

I think I need to watch “The Secret” a hundred times, and read Wayne Dyer’s “Change your thoughts, Change Your Life.” Yes that’s what I’ll do. I’ll just take an intermission from this.
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Hey thanks blog…


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