Could Madonna Teach Hillary a Lesson?

In 2000 Madonna reinvented herself as urban cowgirl, a woman exercising her creative lasso among men. Keyword: “creative.”

In 2007 Hillary earned herself as Wild Bill’s cowgirl. She gets her gun, polishes her hard won boots, detangles the mangled lasso and voila, the men are penned in. Keyword: “Earned herself.”

Hillary shoots the bull’s eye on all election 2008 discussions. When she shoots off about her missive, better things to come, the torch will be carried back to Athens by distinguished Americans bearing words “cowboy diplomacy is dead,” “Vote for Spock” gives a shudder … then the saloon door opens, in swaggers Giuliani or is it Gore? to challenge this modern day Annie’s pre-inaugural plan.

When 18% of Republican women enter the house of Hillary, 20% of the men at the cowgirl’s party go Republican. (here)

Will Hillary out shoot the best marksman (Giuliani or Gore)? She averages 48% against any Republican candidate. Will they marry and join Wild Bill in the Wild West show where she’ll perform for a WW audience that includes “Sitting Bull?” These Republican women are so taken with her they name her “Little Sure Shot.”

hmm… where are we going with this… All I am saying is ….would it hurt Hillary to create an American experience instead of mishmoshing inside the box to please somebody she’ll never please?

I think Hillary needs a myth. That’s where Madonna comes in.
Madonna will vote for Gore in ’08

Wow! Isn’t this just the corniest, almost right up their with current media spewing. How about that?


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