When a Good Thing Comes to BAD

Papabubble sweet studio via my cellphone 11/3/2007

B.A.D. being the Bowery Art District. So far defined by real estate marketing as here. Some say maybe Boho, Boso, Nolita, Elita, nah, its B.A.D.

A good thing! Papabubble, artisans of lollipops and other sweet art, natural flavors and essential oils included. Papas Tommy Tang and Christopher King have burst upon NYC from Barcelona, Amsterdam and Japan landing on B.A.D. hotspot, 380 Broome Street (between Mott and Mulberry Streets). (see more about papas at Sticky Business.)

Willy Wonka move over.

broome sweet via my cellphone 11/03/07

You will never be left wanting for lollipop bubbles as they now occur on 380 Broome Street at an exceptionally high rate. The art performance is for your viewing throughout the day.

The Bowery at large, of special import, a personal mission from the 1970s to physically discover Jacob Vondersmith’s estate via handwritten Census Records in the New York City archives, mission accomplished, archives closed.

While virtually reading up on the Bowery today I found this clipping from a 1903 New York Times article:

Manhattan a purchase for $100 from the Indians. It certainly does make one wonder as to who really owns Manhattan. My ancestor lived and practiced as a doctor on the Bowery at a time when it was grand, 1700s. He resides at a point in history between the Bouwerie, Dutch farm in mid-1600, and the Bowery, a theatrical center in the 1800s.

The Bowery is a wonderful place to discover, as told by Sandee Brawarsky, in the 2000, NYTimes:
At No. 18, around 1789, the merchant Edward Mooney built a three-story Georgian-influenced house, at what is now the corner of Pell Street, that’s Manhattan’s oldest surviving town house and the Bowery’s oldest building. Later it was a tavern, then was rumored to be a brothel, and more recently it became an O.T.B. office and the headquarters of Summit Associates.”Oh, Its Not What It Used To Be.”

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