Al Gore wins for President

key word search. The results are in:

46.2 mil = “gore for president”
33.3 mil = “thompson for president”
20.6 mil = “giuliani for president”
18.4 mil = “mccain for president”
1.94 mil = “edwards for president”
4.6 mil = “clinton for president”
1.2 mil = “obama for president”
847,000 = “bloomberg for president”
680,000 = “edwards for president”
655,000 = “romney for president”
519,000 = “gravel for president”
7 = “kuchinek for president”

To those not on the list where they want to be, four words:

free logo -
font used is “Independence”

oh, and Googling on…

Integrity is Green!
Go Gore!
Al Gore for President Draft Fund $

Registering to vote:
In the United States: registertovote
In New York State:
Military Voting
enterable form online, will cost you paper, ink and a stamp to mail, you can save the copy for your records. here
In person:
county board of elections
Absentee voting
If you don’t vote


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