Mum Bloomed Last Night in NYC

Mum spent their last night of a long North American tour at New York Society for Ethical Culture on Saturday. No sign of the wear and tear of an oftentimes grueling schedule.

They make light out of sound and sound out of space. They juggle new instruments and fit them into their art’s finessed layers. If you listen close, the lyrics and titles are quite witty. What can you say about a band that has a woman who plays the cello, a drummer who hugs happy birthday wishers and an audience that plays the kazoo on stage? Magical, simply magical.

Yes. I’ll say it once again, Mum believes in hugging.

All the bands and musicians in this Series Concert No. XIV were innovators of sound and space.

Hauscha from Dusseldorf was at times the mentor to his instrument, teaching it new ways to sound. He painted landscapes and then at the end played with the piano.

David Moore and his band Bing and Ruth from Brooklyn seemed the opposite of Mum, though weren’t they crafting the same concept? Intense at times and one did think Iceland, Brooklyn, Iceland, how different. This Brooklyn Band as if a sommelier, reserved their notes, meditated on them and then, only when they were most perfect, most ready, ever so carefully delivered them to their adored audience. They too were teaching their instruments new ways to think.

Upon leaving Central Park West I couldn’t help pinch and wonder had I just been on holiday?


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