The Media is trying to get you to believe that Smoking is a non-issue

I tried my best this weekend to find one single media source that was not full blast, in the whole week long campaign of making “smoking levels dropped off dramatically in past few years,” a factoid.

A headline from the LA Times struggles with its conscience — “U.S. smoking rate levels off.”

More struggle with the truth, their subtitle: “Officials say changes to tobacco marketing are the reason the number of smokers is remaining steady at nearly 21%.”

Truth in falling “smoking” levels is that today there is no true accountability for the sale of tobacco and cigarette products because of ultra high taxes and age limits and declassifications. The only rate that has fallen off are “legitimate” sales of cigarettes, the ones that reap taxes. And since noone who is working has health insurance and therefore no one can afford to see a doctor (except the rich or poor or aged and Walmart employees), well I think quite alot of “true” statistics are missing.

The truth remains the President of the United States is supported by Altria and so the chance of ever having any justice served on failure to pay monies owed states for false advertising to the public is definitely a non-issue. see the altria site, they tell all or do they? and who made them? their shareholders of course…they are not happy with all the loose ends and late information.

George Bush Presidential Library Foundation College Station , TX $15,000.00

Here’s a factoid for you:

“Philip Morris/Altria makes more money–nearly $700 million–from cigarettes smoked by kids in the U.S. than all other tobacco corporations combined. This dominance can be traced to the Marlboro Man.”

–April 2006 The American Legacy Foundation see Stop Corporate Abuse

Pity here for the cigarette smokers and their nicotine addiction. It was raining Friday night in New York City. All up and down Madison and Fifth avenue there were 10s of 100s seeking shelter as they smoked in front of the building and store fronts, doors wide open. All I could think was opium den and public masturbation as they pleased the pleasure seeking cells neediness for nicotine. And their massive activity took one fire engine truck of about 10 firefighters to cry through the streets and put out one trashcan that had a plastic bag full of coke cans and cigarette butts (some of which were still lit). The smoke from that was in the stores and of course, the customer’s lungs. Not a pleasureable experience at all.

Not legal. And when I come home, all my rooms are filled with smoke. Yet I’ve done all the things a hardworking person would, sealed the top and bottom baseboards, covered the airconditioners, insulated the door, windows closed. The problem is cigarette smokers spit in the eye of the law. They say to me we don’t give a damn, they (the City) can’t make us. And right they are since July of 2007 I have at least weekly submitted smoke free complaints to New York City Health Department and have not received one single response from them. True I did complain to 311 and the Tobacco Unit got back. And we did do this little exercise where I called 311 and begged to talk to a supervisor and had them fill out a form for me. Still zap nothing. So yes those lawbreakers knew well the eye of the law. They are to this day, smoking in the elevator (next to my apartment), stairwell (next to my apartment) and in the hallway. They additionally smoke right outside the building’s door ( and I do mean right outside, just open the door). Let’s not talk of health issues. Let’s talk about the disgusting wrenching smell that you must drag around with you all day long.


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