Making the Customer’s Experience all that it can be — Muji

Yes, indeedy.

I walked down to Canal / Broadway last night to answer Muji’s Premier invite. What will they add to New York City?

Grumble, grumble, a line outside the door. Humma

They politely explained that they don’t want too many people in at one time. They want their customers to enjoy their shopping experience.

I noted while waiting that they had some ottomans to sit on inside.

I am used to a line that wraps inside the whole store. Like in Trader Joe’s (very practical, shopping while in line) or Whole Foods Time Warner (all the foods you can’t reach and customers who want you to drag their cart along with you if you don’t mind. Did I say I do so like the people that work there at WF, but yeah, i-hh).

Ah, the retransformation of the New Yorker by Muji.

Muji did not spothog the real estate in the NYC. Why they did not even take the whole sidewalk. They took just enough space and made it neutral and as spacious as possible. It was very crowded inside because the aisles were narrow. This is not a complaint. It is just a momentary adjustment in my customer trained thinking.

Not one New Yorker was rude in that store. They were all saying I am sorry, excuse me. What? No shoving? hmm, liking it better?

True, at times I thought, no I don’t really like this store. That thought just bounced into the light and wafted upwards. I don’t know what happened to me, something changed inside, a nice thing. I wound up very much liking the store, appreciating everything about it. I like them, nice people, people you want to know.

You must go, Muji, on Broadway, next to CB2, north, off of Canal.


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