As I wake up covered in tobacco,

I think of all the work I’ve done over the past 14 years about getting cigarette smoking out of my face. I shake my head. Disbelief. Is this a free country in any sense. I shake once more.

I have never smoked a cigarette in my life, I have never allowed a cigarette in my house and certainly, most certainly, I have refused every single invitation to a bar.

I hold on to the fact that I will move to this new green effort in Sonoma before the end of next year and that two of my businesses will actually have a green home. That there will be no more New York City for me. None whatsoever. No my business will not attend the fashion shows of New York, they will not accept funding whatsoever from tobacco company and they never have. Yes finally after all these years I will be totally, totally free of New York State and its “City.”

I am stronger for it. I know all the tricks and lies that try to run the nation from over there. I will help build something that New York can never have.

and meanwhile I find solace in

1. a HUD letter, a letter that enables to me to show every letter, email, picture and voicemail effort to them. To show them how New York is just sitting back and watching its citizens die while they who are in power battle their pot bellies and sagging jaws.

2. William F. Buckley writes in his Real Clear Politics yesterday the following:

“Those who fail to protest the free passage of tobacco smoke in the air come close to the Zyklon defendants in pleading ignorance.”


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