Who is afraid of 311?

apparently noone in my building.

311 posted “No Smoking Permitted” signs in the hallways of my building on Friday.

Friday Night through Saturday morning smokers left their usual message. Frankly my dear, we don’t give a damn.

I did follow 311 sign instructions and punched the numbers. 311 was in contingency and they did truly want to explain it. I think it would be just brilliant if they ever considered that the person on the other line is truly talented and their time was important and mostly likely they know all about 311. Wouldn’t that be a lark. However, we did not lark. We went through 311 orientation and waiting. The call took about 12 minutes. In New York City Time that is worth about 3 hours.

Did I mention I have been doing this 311 and online form thing since June 2007 with no meaningful result. Even HUD has got it together better than 311. They’ve answered me and I’ve signed up for some action.

Annoyed. Do I sound annoyed? No, not I. I am passionately splenetic after the 311 talent answered my ‘wait don’t you want the building owner’s number, don’t you want to know what I am complaining about?’ with:

“We are only taking your number because other people in the building might not be bothered by the cigarette smoking in view of the “No Smoking” sign.”

Is there a better word for pathetic, yes, pitiful. The performance rating for 311 is pitiful.


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