Keeping Connected to Con Edison, not a choice.

I had a paperless relationship with Con Edison until they started marketing other choices for energy to me. I chose Ambient just to stop the paper. 🙂 Ok I also had this morbid curiosity about wuz up with that (WUWT).

Until a few weeks ago (pre-tabletop air cleaners) I was a light user of energy. Only an energy star fridge and a gas pilot light were plugged into the socket. I was charged $10 a month for gas and $10 a month for electricity. Those are the minimums for Con Edison. I used way under that charge. Before I moved in I replaced every light bulb with energy ice cream cones.

With Ambient my bills are a total of $40 with Ambient getting $7 of that. By the way. a week after I moved in I called Con Edison several times to turn off my gas. I didn’t use it. They have not. a big i.e. keeping connected to Con Edison is not a choice. So I guess Con Edison’s promise about reverting back to Ambient will be about as good as that.

I am not taking Con Edison’s touchy feely thing personally.

Look at the history of the microturbines, a 30-40 year old technology. Quite a few residential and commercial developers, tapping into ‘green’ marketing bonanza, built microturbines on top of their buildings in New York City. The City since 2005 has said no to most of these microturbine installations until December 2007 mayoral announcement. A Brooklyn development in Clinton Hill was able to turn on their microturbine earlier. They hooked up to ConEd as a backup. The blame for delay went to the Department of Buildings and the Fire Department, they had to rewrite 40-year old code for the 30-year old technology.

And all the hubba for something that is an old technology, a crippled baby step. The New York Observer writer, Matthew Schuerman wrote that “microturbines reduce carbon-dioxide emissions in a building by about 133 metric tons a year. That amount turns out to be the equivalent of getting just 20 cars off the road a year, which is about how many drive by on West Street in the blink of an eye.”

To 2:21pm at
A “step in the right direction. Simply put, cogeneration is the simultaneous production of electricity and heat using a single fuel.”

Of note, Con Edison response, no grant, no incentive for microturbines.
EPA grants

see Public Interest Networks Systems misses first to go microturbine in New York City after month’s of red tape. They too hooked up to ConEdison for backup.


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