The Google Elections – Part Deux – Celebrity Combinations

remember my November 11, 2007 “Al Gore Wins.” post?

Well I’ve run another Google Election for the best Celebrity – Prez 2008 Candidate combination!

You’ll be most gratified to know that on Democratic turf Hilary Clinton and Bill Clinton (“Clinton Clinton”) is a landslide win, slam dunking the “Oprah Obama” thing 1 to 6.

If any candidate needs a de-polarizer snuggle up to Britney Spears.

A Thompson / Thompson duo would provide an early win.

Barbara Walters, Elizabeth Taylor, Barbara Streisland, Jessica Simpson, Madonna, JLo etc –iih! margins too low to display, don’t even put it in your shopping cart.

Biggest surprise though, Gore and Huckabee, a promising duo.

See google linkage election returns below:

Political Partner Pairings:

clinton clinton 9,760,000
obama obama 7,310,000
thompson thompson 11,000,000

obama oprah 1,238,000

gore huckabee 1,660,000


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