In a City run by Propaganda and Greed and Hypocrisy…

where you are more likely to get a ticket for eating a Dunkin’ Donut than for running multiple red lights… Widgets

an elected official says it best about his own, after being caught with his hand holding a bag of cheez-its. (We must be allowed to have product placement he cried.)

Note: on the Mayor’s cheez-it hand. CSPI petitioned the Food and Drug Administration to require trans fat labeling in 1994. Food manufacturers fought the idea, and it took the FDA until 2004 to decide to require labels starting Jan. 1, 2006.–San Francisco Chronicle

We continue to elect people who have no abilities whatsoever –the Mayor, CEO of his own company, to Wired

New York City did not vote for the mayor for his abilities, they were bought. The Mayor bought his first term as Mayor of the City for $74 million and his second term for $84 million.

The Mayor buys repentance also.

The sexual harassment cases that were either wealthy or strong enough to penetrate past his media force during his term as Mayor of New York City:

  1. 2005 for $15 million see here
  2. 2007 $48 million a piece. also see He bought his way out of three sexual harassment cases. He was defended by the law firm of Wilkie Farr, where former Governor Mario Cuomo (the New York State Attorney General’s father) is Of Counsel.

Out of the other side of his “abilities” he writes the New York City bluebook on sexual discrimination here.

The Mayor serves his Company’s customers,
Wall Street, hedge funders and private equity, in his “deeds” for New York City and he gets paid $1 from New York City for the favor. Currently the Easy Ethics Committee known as Conflicts of Interest Board of the City of New York (“COIB”) is deciding on the Mayor’s latest insistence, that the President of his Company, former Deputy Mayor, be kept on several of this City’s most controversial Boards until 2010.

That’s what you citizens get when you don’t research your mayor candidates. Or is it?
Word on the street is that the election machines are rigged. New York State admits that HAVA 2002 election machines won’t be ready for presidential elections 2008, they don’t have time to rig to their satisfaction. Oh yeah, in Brooklyn they had paper ballots and we were told in Bushwick our votes didn’t get counted unless they needed them. Rigged! here the local papers writes an article on Voting Machine this week here.

The Mayor must not have much Hope for Obama, the Obama that is heavily funded by his Customers, hedge fund and private equity and Wall Street funding.

When the Obama of Hope significantly lost to Hill in the first Presidential ’08 primary
some chose to pick on the misty eyes of a stud of abilities known affectionately to some as Hill. They sought to persecute tears; many a professional woman were on the lynching squad, some were Dowd-y some had a View; but the Emperor of the Empire State was photo-oped hyperventilating out of both nostrils, steaming mad.

Obama came directly from his significant loss in New Hampshire to New York City for funding. And the next thing you know the Mayor put out to his media machine that he’s spending alot of money on a sophisticated polling of the nation regarding his Presidential ’08 abilities. see Direct Democracy for People Powered Politics. Please do remember NYPD’s sophisticated polling of our nation during the Mayor’s readiness for his Republican friends’ visit to New York City. see Media Matters “Blitzer did not ask the Mayor about police surveillance of political activists before 2004 convention.”

How much is Presidential ’08 worth to the Mayor? He told his media he is prepared to buy the presidency for $1 billion.

But does he have ability? Afterall that is the Emperor’s question. Please answer that question from the people who live in New York City, those who are legal to vote (are there any left?) and not his employees, customers or paid media. The current baseline polled by the Mayor’s favor poller, Quinnipac, states that Meager support in New York for ‘President Mayor
Fear not there are more of the Mayor’s employees in 130 cities, a total of 9,500. Meager indeed, when you consider the above sexual harrassment suits be the wealthy tip of the barrel.

Pakistan, move over! see 10 days after Benazir Bhutto is laid to rest


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