The State of the National Platform today, January 18, 2008

Oh my! on the national platform today.

There was Bush Lame Duck promising to print up some more dollars and hand them out to everybody especially BIG business. People missed that because the duck spoke of the wee guy first. phew!

Yeah, mom told me all about it. She gushed the news you might get some this time. I missed the last one because I walked out on Wall Street never to return. Heck if I knew they were going to print out some for the BIG guy I would have hung in. I said mom, if they print some out for me I am sending them on to you. If anybody can stimulate the economy you can.

Yes on the national platform we had John Edwards in Jeans talking about Reagan in answer to Obama’s praisin’ of that vintage Republican that starts with an “R”. (I keep thinking how smart Roseanne was when she coined “Closeted Republican” for Mr. Obama.) HipHip Hooray for John Edwards for telling the truth about R! And didn’t he look mighty fine in those jeans. Why I think he’ll win Best Jeans Presidential ’08. However someone ought to tell him that when it comes to Hollywood and their own, Truth will not set you Free! Back to Polar John. Good try though. Best advice, ignore Obama, cuddle up to Hill, maybe you’ll catch some of that warm and fuzzy radiation that’s coming off of her. Its today’s currency.

Yes what I really want to let you know is that on January 17, 2004 the New York City Council, of which not one of them walks or talks like a Democrat, thought:

“that he is not doing enough for businesses and apartment building owners… They are trying to dance to the left and we are trying to counter him. As we are beginning to listen to business interests, we are hearing that this is bad for the economy because they continue to pay the real estate tax, which is passed on to tenants.”–,” one council member about the mayor to Times

New York City Council wanted to teach the mayor what? Sounds like the same lingo.

If Council r-e-a-l-l-y wanted to help the tenant and a BIG do they really? then they would cut to the chase and make the landlord provide to the tenant at year-end a detailed statement of expenses they pass on to the tenant.
Did I hear someone squealing? That way come tax time the tenant just pulls up the Wform and scans it into their TurboTax. The Turbo pulls out the tax and exchanges it for some nice pretty dollars to ‘stimulate’ the economy. Now that’s one S-w-e-e-t State of the City.

Well nothing has changed in the State of the City addresses (January 17, 2007 and January 17, 2008) since 2004. They are still the same, one size fits BIG,’ starched in the box ho hum of how better to serve BIG, with the usual various side amusements. This year we had “immigrants.” No, they didn’t have “legal” or “illegal” or “paid for,” or “will mow golf courses cheap” on their front. I did wonder were those the subjects of the experiment swiped from Mexico to pay people to do the right thing in life? Because this nation has been experiencing diversity since its inception and really, who is he to lecture us on that? For this year’s State of the City reporting, New York media made sure to insert the word “national” in every sentence for the mayor, one sweet billion dollar budget for Presidential ’08.

I watched Tyra Banks interview Hill instead of Gotham’s pomp and circumstance. Hill is so warm. I wonder if Barack Obama and John Edwards had been or would be on the Tyra show. Do you think Tyra will also pass them their questions from a Kleenex box? I thought that was kind of mean to continue to dog the dew; afterall Tyra Banks donated $2,300 to Obama Barack’s Presidential ’08 campaign.

I tried to find out Tyra’s guest list ’08 but got caught in Telegraph UK‘s reporting of how Michelle and John McCain were presently at war. Michelle is mudslinging at Hill in the form of a speech. Maybe she and Hill can sit down for a tea one afternoon real soon. Hill can teach her the art of stepping back.

John McCain? I don’t know why on earth I keep thinking of him and Scarlett O’Hara.

“What do you mean that War doesn’t mean anything to you? Why, War is the only thing in the world worth workin’ for, worth fightin’ for, worth dyin’ for, because it’s the only thing that lasts.” modified quote from Gerald O’Hara to Scarlett O’Hara in “Gone with the Wind

Council Seeks to Best Mayor on Tax Relief

Sky High Property Taxes Give the Renter’s the Shaft

Mayor Gives Address with National Overtones


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