The only medicine for Congestion in the City is Consideration

So they are all hubba about the impending congestion pricing at City Hall. It bugs me that the plan is called visionary. Nothing innovative in it, no learning from London’s struggles, just copycat of unlike systems.

I think the latest plan to narrow down the congestion pricing field is good. If they keep cars out of the worst congested zone overall congestion relief will be achieved. Hey wait a minute were they ever thinking how horribly polluted it is there? If there were no cars just in that zone we all would breathe easier. Oh all but for the fact that there are cigarette smoking circus people all around us.

Houston’s Metrorail accomplished better without collecting tolls and all this time wasting hubba. They built a light rail system in their downtown business district and medical center. No cars allowed, point blank. They don’t have a bunch of dufuses walking down the street with lit cigarettes either, duh.

Here in New York City we deal with the excessive, where everything the City Council does is for the rich. Where the continued insistence by this City and States’ government on piling on infrastructures that don’t work is status quo. This is why private / government infrastructure projects don’t work for anyone but private profits and their unions and keeping the general population below. They proudly provide a dreary, tedious, highly impractical, circuslike and draining experience for the people they pump $2 each way from.

The real causes of congestion are:

1. Excessive, dangerously unregulated construction in the city.
Construction should not be allowed to wander out on the street.

2. Traffic lights don’t work.
Way too many traffic lights running red without a preceding yellow light.

Widely studied that if you are raking red light run camera revenues in by the thousands; you’ve got a traffic control problem. It should not be the goal to rake in money for the traffic light illegitimacy.

3. Bus lane only cameras, fine drivers in these lanes $500.

4. No valet parking in front of stores and hotels or just be honest (I know it’s hard) and don’t run bus lane only there.

5. Shorter bus routes and subway routes.

Does it really make sense that the A train should span from Inwood to Jamaica?
No it does not.

6. Light rail options that would take some of the bus routes off the street and give people much needed relief from outdated and impractical subways.

Does it make sense that it would take me 53 minutes riding the subway to reach a destination that takes only 5 minutes by car?
No it does not.

Or that I should have to travel for 1.5 hours on the subway
(because about .25 of that is walking through tunnels, up stairs, down stairs, etc. etc.
and .5 of that is waiting for police action at the other end of the subwayline)

when I could drive easily from home parking garage to office parking garage in exactly 20 minutes?
No it does not.

Does it makes sense that I should go from a very pleasant stop and suffer 10 stops of very rough people (criminally speaking) and beggers

in order to get to my destination?
No. it does not.

Does it make sense I should ride on a subway station and train that is filled with
cigarette butts and smoking, dirty seats and floors, graffiti in stations and trains (no matter how many times I call the repugnant MTA on it)?

To be blinded by trains that are icky old orange and beige?

Suffer an essentially brain damaging experience because I want to save the environment?
No. it does not.


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