Robert F Kennedy’s Children and Hillary Got it Right

on Civil Rights.

The Civil Rights Bill of 1963 was introduced in John F. Kennedy’s civil rights speech of June 11, 1963. He then sent a bill to Congress on June 19. Howard W. Smith, Rules Committee intended to keep the bill in bottleneck indefinitely. It was Lyndon B. Johnson who pushed the legislation of the Bill through. He lost a lot of political power by doing so. That’s right JFK didn’t suffer one bit over it, Lyndon B. Johnson did and so did thousands of poor and middle class children in the South.

Between the tax reduction and this human rights bill who knows if John F. Kennedy’s end of term would beget another term. His economic plan is no different than George W. Bush. His sordid extramarital affairs most certainly would have started to bother the public. Surely his pathological behavior was far far worse than the benign affair the Clinton’s suffered.

We certainly weren’t voting for him in the South. Because alas, it was yet another Yankee carpetbagger scheme, where the questionably wealthy would get wealthier. And why do we let them do this? These schemers want to see other people demonstrate and fulfil their “legacy” not themselves. Do so note, that John F. Kennedy did not send his children to public schools in the South nor did Lyndon B. Johnson. Don’t you just love how these questionable wealthy tell others how their children will be taught, where they shall live?

Several days ago, the daughter and brother of John F. Kennedy standing up like they have something to be proud of. Surely it was sad that Mr. Kennedy was shot, however, like Benazir Bhutto. he was told to not parade around in an open vehicle. And too, like Benazir, he agitated the revolutionary factions with his Test Ban Treaties and Cuban militarization and denouncements.

So I don’t get why I should listen to any candidate that can’t be his own man. That he has to be a shadow of something he is not, Martin Luther King and JFK. That he has to have so many product endorsements by black product makers. Yes the shadow and his sniping about his cutting edge opponent were my huge objections to voting for Barack Obama. His platform is a disappointment for me. My mom says he is nice. I say mom get real you are baptized by CNN. She never got bused, she never suffered as a child.

I was one of those white children bused far away and over the railroad tracks from where I live. We had to wait for that bus with no protection whatsoever. I remember a bus of older black boys arriving at our bus stop after school one afternoon. The boys came out and they looked for the most beautiful white thing they could find and it was me. And they took their bat and they swung it at me. A heroic white boy in my class so bravely and so intelligently outsmarted them out of their bat and saved me.

Why do we have to have them in our neighborhoods when they trash it up and they steal from us? Why? I asked my mom. We moved once because the neighborhood went black. And then that neighborhood was black and I had moved to New York City where a ha everything was segregated. Where there were ghettos. What a mockery, indeed.

And when I lived on 135th street, when it rained the sounds of ping pong balls in our rooms. Upon moving in I phoned up the landlord and asked should I call the Sanitation Department to remove all the mcdonald’s styrofoam and trash from the alley to the side of us? The people are just throwing their trash out the window when they are through eating. The trash is producing these black flies that come in the rooms and bite us. I had been bitten badly on my leg several places. She was fuming mad at me. About six months later that alley got cleaned up. The landlady proud of it. She showed me the window, oops someone had thrown out their air conditioner and there was new McDonald’s styrofoam and there was a used condom on that very window sill.

You have seen the trash on the tracks of MTA’s bedazzling subway haven’t you. You know the place my cell phone was flooded out by the City and MTA fiasco the previous summer. Guess who is throwing out the trash right in front of our faces?

So I think your civil rights got no where. In fact its an obscene gesture in the employment process. When you apply for a job online the last questions are, what race are you and what is your gender? The employer claims its a federal law and they say its optional to fill out, but you know when you go there they’ll be marking you off.

Welcome to the Civil Rights Act of 1964.


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