NYC mayor can’t See the Butts in his own Front Yard…

butt for the country.

What is Tobacco Control like in this country, the USA?
Do you really want to know?

Then see Chump Change in California.

“The report released today [2/7/2008] is revolutionary. For the first time, we have both a rigorous approach to stop the tobacco epidemic and solid data to hold us all accountable. No country fully implements all of the MPOWER policies and 80% of countries don’t fully implement even one policy. While tobacco control measures are sometimes controversial, they save lives and governments need to step up and do the right thing.”–the current mayor of New York City

WHO Let the Butts Out? MPOWER strategies in WHO report February 7, 2008:

“Monitor tobacco use and prevention policies
Protect people from tobacco smoke

Offer help to quit tobacco use

Warn about the dangers of tobacco

Enforce bans on tobacco advertising, promotion and sponsorship

Raise taxes on tobacco”

Please do note WHO is for the smoker not the nonsmoker.

Protect people from tobacco use is only #2 with WHO

And who besides WHO is talkin and what? The current mayor of New York City, the Grand Marketer of a city-wide ban on smoking in New York City advertising campaign.

Truth – only some bars have no smoking, either by choice or no available loopholes.

  • the mayor does not enforce the ordinance clause,
“You may not smoke within 100 feet of the entrance to a public building.”
  • 311 does not handle no smoking in workplace when the construction worker’s workplace is inside an apartment building.
  • 311 only issues warnings to the building owner when cigarette smoke takes place in the illegal spaces of an apartment building, i.e. hallways, stairwells, laundry and basement; elevator (big DUH on that one). 311 can only let you see the same warning form letter after December 23, 2007, because that’s when they got their IT act together on that little piece of inefficiency. Whatever happened to snail mail? Whatever happened to responses? Whatever happened to the $2,000 fine for each violation?

Whatever happened to the Art of lying? At least give us art instead of this muck. Art in every form has left the city.

  • New York Fire Department does not get involved with illegal smoking in apartment buildings.
  • Public advocacy is for children only.
  • New York City will not get involved in smoking and graffiti in the MTA stations, platforms, trains and buses? Why because they only get paid to do so, they aren’t the MTA. (Duh-uh…)

  • Everyday in New York City partners of corporations smoke in their office and leave the door open. Don’t ask, you’ll get fired.

  • Smokers right outside of office and apartment buildings’ doors and windows guarantee that office workers and apartment dwellers will develop second hand smoke diseases in their lifetime, sooner than later.

  • Ok. Got a health problem that is affected by smoke in New York City? Yeah you do. You’ll just find out later because everyone in New York has a health problem caused by second hand smoke. NYPD don’t want to hear about it until you are good and sick. You are no better than someone who is being harassed by their landlord or a stalker in their eyes. They don’t handle it, Ma-am.

  • So Go to HUD. Well it takes one month and many calls to get them to file the complaint. Then so far a month with nothing happening whatsoever. Yet you have to decide are you going to go civil and if you do, you got to do it now or forever wait. You’ll wait while HUD is taking the next 100 years to try to get New York (who they pay to investigate) to take another 100 years. After having been so patient, taking so many constructive steps, getting no or little or ineffective help from the city, and now HUD bombs. Always avoid court I say.
  • Of course I will go Civil, where else is there to go after having left every piece of tobacco control astro turf unturned. Goals. Clamp down on these monkeys. Create new legislation. Guerilla its enforcement. On your mark, get set go! Never underestimate pro se. The New York Supreme Court office was pretty impressed with my present case there. Nothing like being an individual.

The real in Tobacco Control is Trendy (me) and how about YOU?????:

Too bad this government isn’t visionary. A visionary law would be a new smoking issues law, called “Smoker Responsibility.”
In the “Smoker Responsibility” law all tenants must not smoke in illegal areas, must cure their living area when sharing common walls, halls, floors, ceilings with others and maintain responsible conduct while in public.

Responsibility to cure living areas
If you smoke in your apartment you must seal your apartment and use an effective air cleaner. Note: Can’t afford it? Sure you can!
Energy efficient box fan for $11.99 and a Filtrete filter for $15. [home depot]
How much will this air cleaning costs you? $15-20 a month (hey non-smokers are paying it because of you!)
Want to find out exactly what it costs? Plug the fan into a kill-a-watt (Geekboy purchased this from for $29.99 less $10 google shopping).
Sealing rooms? Well it can be loads of trouble and sometimes little result if you don’t scout out the walls, floors, ceilings. Still baseboards can be sealed easily and inexpensively. Since you are the one leaking smoke into everyone else’s apartment, sealing baseboards in smoker’s apartment could be very effective for your neighbors.
Just use removable caulk.
Other advantages of caulking in holes, cracks, baseboards besides smoke passage, food smells go away and so do rodents and roaches (if you stuff with steel wool).

All illegal areas must be marked with “no smoking area” signage per wall on each floor, stairwell, elevator and laundry. The “no smoking area” signage must be produced of materials that are substantial and visible and attached to nondestructible wall. Type and graphics must be legible and the “No Smoking” message in Red ink and English and Spanish language.

Written Notice
Written notice to all tenants of the Building must be snail mailed. These notices must be of the same official importance as other New York State lead and fire safety legal notices. It must be returned and signed by each tenant as to understanding as the form’s written description of what an illegal smoking area is, and acknowledgement that if caught smoking in these areas a fine of $2,000 for the violation will be levied against the tenant.

Responsible Conduct in Public Places
The smoker’s responsibility in public places is to stand within the boundaries of a designated smoking area. The smoker may not walk freely on the streets or parking lots or avenues or bus lines, or subway station tunnels or escalators or any other unbounded city area with a lit cigarette. Point blank, no!

Let the tobacco companies and the City and the current Mayor and WHO chew on “Smoker’s Responsibility” for a change.

Other people who think people who smoke in your face are scum. Yeshiva Students protest smoking outside the doors of their higher education.


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