A little too late, is just not enough

A significant sign of things to come, “Bronx is Burning” leads the way for Connecticut and Rhode Island and any state that is less greedy when welcoming film production to their state. “Bronx is Burning” was filmed in Connecticut. Film producers know that a trough is a trough is a trough. They’ll take 30% off against New York City’s 10% because 20% is 20%.

Remember back in the mid-70’s when people with skills or money left their homes in the Bronx and moved to more welcoming states?

“When President Jimmy Carter visited the South Bronx in 1977, he called it the worst slum in America.”

“When New York emerged from its decade-long fiscal crisis, Mayor Ed Koch invested over $1 billion in the borough. The money went to private landlords and developers, and, through an agreement among the City, the Enterprise Foundation and the Local Initiatives Support Corporation (LISC), to CDCs. The result in a decade was 10,000 new homes.”

“One of the ingredients of the South Bronx success was a unique effort among New York philanthropies that built on the success of the City and CDCs to go beyond “just” housing development into a more comprehensive community development strategy. “–Living-Cities.org, “New York, the South Bronx Miracle.”

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Well, its happening here in New York again. The Move em’ on out drive has been going on for a few years now and that Move has Momentum. The problem is New York City did not keep the infrastructure left from Koch and Guiliani, they just took the money. The City made it so hard for middle class people to survive or even have a decent place to live. The City bogged that class down in time-consuming and wasteful infrastructure. “Graffiti? it happens?” they answered as to request for change in graffiti on subways, on every single building front on the avenue, even in Soho. Oppressive cigarette smoke in every space of your place? “Suck up,” they said; “it happens.”

People are taking advantage of the foreigners “able” to buy their apartments and raking in on far better deals for less money in Connecticut, plus they get quality of life, big plus, something missing big time in New York City.

February 9, 2007, Crain’s New York Business.com runs the story on film, “Film producers roll out of the city.”

The too little from New York:

“Gov. Eliot Spitzer’s 2008 state budget proposal includes funding to increase New York State’s tax credit to 15% from 10% and start including both above- and below-the-line costs, which means production companies will now get a rebate on their biggest costs, the actors’ and directors’ salaries.”

“…starting in January 2009, only 50% of expenses incurred out of the state will be eligible for the credit, and by 2012, none of the outside expenses will count. For example, all camera equipment rented or purchased in New York and brought to Connecticut won’t qualify for a rebate.”

And what do the people in New York City say? They have infrastructure.


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