The truth of No Reconciliation Widgets

Today Benazir Bhutto’s book, Reconciliation: Islam, Democracy, and the West, is a smashing hit with the media and the bookstores across the world. I do hope “Reconciliation” is hitting our Presidential ’08 in the belly of Consequences. What it means to have been the Mediator for Benazir Bhutto’s safe passage to Pakistan Democracy ’08; after all three of them were in the Senate!

This world truly lost the best of all leaders. In the 65 days after Benazir Bhutto’s death the media tries to rewrite her history with sexism. She was one who had a privileged life and her legacy is her father’s, the father of People’s Party. She was kicked out of an office two times by a Dictator for Life because She was accused of corruption.

Rising above all the not democratic muck let it be known that Benazir was a leader who actually achieved a Civil Rights for the People of Pakistan.
She improved education. She gave people a star to reach. She sought their safety in her actions. She is the Mother of Pakistan.

Benazir Bhutto would not have such overwhelming popular support, even today, 45 working days or 10 weeks or 3 months or 63 days after her Assassination in front of hundreds of Military and American Mediated protection were the facts of her stellar leadership not true. Widgets
Pakistan’s elections will be held in a few days with all opponents having either left the country or in jail. The election machinery totally rigged.

What we will we as a Nation of People Believing in Democracy do about the Truth and the Consequences of Assassinating a Leader?
What will we learn about our Presidential ’08 from Benazir Bhutto’s treatment?


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