Presidential ’08 Candidates miss out on the Big Give

I watched last week’s “Big Give” on my internet connection. I don’t think you can treat Giving like “America’s Idol.” You can’t judge giving. The judges lacked personality, big time. It wasn’t entertaining nor inspirational. They were giving people money. They needed to give these people the ability to stand on their own feet.

Oprah Winfrey’s “Big Give,” made me think wow those people had to get into a real bind before anyone reached out and gave to them. That is what our health care system is about. No one helps you until you are in quite bad shape and then they complain about where the money is going to come from. The Big Laugh is that you are in bad shape because of the very people who run the insurance and health care industries and your government.

Tobacco, automobiles, faulty mass transit, paying our farmers not to grow…you name it, they game it. The real miss of our Presidential candidate selection is what really are they going to do about our environment and the food we eat. That is what health care is and every single one of the candidates flunks on the subject. Jib Hunt The Special Ops Tee in Military Green, T-shirts for Men
They are more concerned about the damaged people than stopping the damage.

Perhaps they all should attend Oprah’s “Big Show” university. Yes these candidates have turned the word “contribute” to something quite shallow, perhaps the word “Big Give” will suffer the same fate. I’d like to see the Presidential Candidates do a “BIG GIVE” now, right now, not what they did a few years ago or what they did a decade ago, NOW.

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The truth is not one candidate is going to love mountains, they are going to “clean” coal and they are going to run our communities at even greater risk with nuclear energy. Not one of these candidates has anything to say about smoke-free in multi-housing except best run at the state and local level.

Wouldn’t it be great if Anerica had at least one candidate in this presidential election who had won the “Big Give.”


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