One more reason to vote for a woman for President

Did you ever notice that women get taken down every time their man reveals his “personal flaws.” That they must stand side by side taking what he alone has wrought?

ABC reports that Suspicious $ transfers on Valentine’s Day was the target of federal and IRS investigations, they thought they were trailing a bribe. Imagine their surprise!

I hope the Governor keeps his job as long as he is able to do it. Neither he or the prostitutes were charged with a crime, the manager of the ring was. BBC, International Herald, WSJ, Forbes, Fortune, Financial Times, LATimes, basically the world is watching. Except for why is that? Why is Mr. Spitzer the exception when it comes to the federal crime of interstate transportation for prostitution?

“A 1910 federal statute called the Mann Act prohibits traveling across state lines to engage in prostitution. Also, Republicans in Albany said that if the governor tries to keep his job, they will probably question whether his state police bodyguards, who provide him 24-hour protection, were complicit in his actions, and whether state money or facilities were used…The U.S. attorney’s office in New York had no comment on the case.” —Wiretap

Have you ever heard of a woman in any office getting busted for sex?

I wonder how Obama will fare in Candyland?

Private Practice.


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