Relief in Resignation

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I did not have one bad thing to say personally about Governor Spitzer. Except that I always thought he went after the Wall Street Gang because they stole New York State employee’s pension, a pension guaranteed by the State. The little guy, me, was left out, yeah that’s a sore spot; but that’s the past, apparently.

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I could not help but think what a sigh of relief for the Spitzer pair. They do seem like a nice couple and surely they’ve been blessed in life. I am sure they’ll find their way to pay his debt to society, like maybe a Carnegie like philanthropy of light rail car stations on every major cross street in Manhattan? Let the community bring the cars? Just a thought, a better one than a few stupid ferries. His official resignation story is going to make billions! It might even become a grammy award winner. Yes the whole world was/is interested. Mr. Spitzer was on every single website, newspaper and magazine. Right now he has 1.5 million Google links. Gosh the girl Ashley Alexandra Dupre has got only 48,700 Google links. Presidential ’08 huh that’s the past. Ok, alright Obama has 85.9million Google links and Hillary has 69.7 million Google links.

I could never figure out why Eliot Spitzer wanted to be Governor. What a cold and boring job of making hundreds upon hundreds of Americans out of Indian and Chinese imports for 3-letter land. Its a job mean’t for those without feelings or remorse, you know the Republicans. Quelle drag in a realm of hypocrisy that obviously was contagious.

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This time it seemed more fitting that Eliot Spitzer’s wife was there beside him. She personified a muse rather than someone who had been done wrong by some unknown. She had been set free.


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