Spitzer put a hook on the FedRes, Next day its John History

or something like that…the story goes

It’s become apparent that Eliot Spitzer has at least an 8 year history of patronizing the hooka industry. In that history he sought to protect the hooka and punish everyone else. Masochistic? or just Swedish History…

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Anyway it’s most curious how the feds are now stepping up their brazen and unjust persecution of Eliot Spitzer. Apparently the Federal Reserve has pulled the plug on Eliot’s bond lectures in their own special way.

See Spitzer’s scolding February 15, 2008 D.C.

The story reads the bank, on the day following the lecture, found Mr. Spitzer’s structuring of his wired Club payments illegal and reported them. And the Feds were just dumbstruck by what they found, they just happened to have all the dope on Client #9 at the Club…Not Client #1-#8, but #9, the Prisoner.

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Remember the Martha Stewart Story?
Her associate, Democratic Sam, was ceo of the top drug invention; all the Bush supporting pharmas were behind. To make room, give them some time for catchup, the feds shoved Sam into the slammer upon exposing his fatal flaw, art for payment… Ah…but why not take Democratic Martha, brand and all, down too, show her exactly how much they appreciated her no contribution to their RNC campaign funds. They thought that would be a cool way to coverup Enron…

and then there was that dang Eliot again going after Enron stars, the Wall Street Gang.

And yes it is right that Eliot step down from the Governorship because its way too much for the “Democratic” public now that his “crimes” have been exposed. Or perhaps the brazen injustice has become crystal clear upon resignation?

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And will his replacement be blind to what is going down? and why is Mr. Bruno so happy to have Steamroller #2, Cuomo, come up into the ranks as governor next election. Suddenly he’s even?

Did Ashley Dupre pay her taxes on her prostitution fees? That’s the real question here. If she got paid $1,000 an hour and worked 30 hours, well then she is not exactly among the poor is she? nor does she get an Earned Income Credit.

This and most likely more coming soon…


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