What would you do? when a high GPA is a problem

Blogger has blocked off my “What would Hillary Say?” and “What Would Obama Say?” blogs before I could ever put content in them. They have held those two blogs hostage since March 6, 2008.

Two days ago they kidnapped my blog ‘A good egg eliot’? Again I did not have a chance to put content into it.

I own the dot coms and mobis for these blogs. I also have word press blogs for them.

When I was sent the notification that the What would you say blogs were fuzzy and must be spam I took the opportunity to tell Blogger for the upteenth time about its identity theft, brand damage and copyright infringement of my brand “She’s A Good Egg Martha.” It was blatant activity for three years and each time blogger refused to do anything. They said can’t do anything. I provided three years of hard evidence, we are talking about a brand. Suddenly they deleted the offending url. They did not give me notice of the deletion. To do so would have given hard evidence to the damages I already hold. They also did not give me back my url.

What would you do? I was here before Google. Why should I leave? Is this harassment or just a defect of their high GPA?


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