It doesn’t have to be April to find your New York State Fools

The New York Post‘s April 1, 2008 story about Confess Gov Paterson calling for a state investigation of New York State Police is not an April Fool’s Joke. New York Times Cityroom quotes the New York Attorney General’s confirmation of the New York Post’s story. They say he pledged “we will continue our efforts to restore New Yorkers’ trust in their government.” Republican Senator Bruno was applauding the decision.

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Let’s see the Confess Guv has so far revealed multiple affairs while holding a public office (adultery is a misdemeanor); using cocaine in his 20s (a felony) and using campaign funds to pay for bar tabs and even affairs (felony).

Mr. Bruno is under the hot tin roof of a continuation of a two-year investigation by the FBI for running a consulting business that allegedly made use of his senate connections.

“They dropped a new round of subpoenas on local labor unions to determine why some may have invested millions in pension money with a Connecticut firm Bruno worked for on the side, Wright Investors’ Service.”—-nymag

march 1, 2008 Eliot Spitzer got Bruno on the ropes

Like I said in New York State and City we have got lawbreakers not lawmakers. Sadly, its not an April Fools’ joke. Its pathetic that Governor Paterson said

“More Americans have tried a lot more during that period of time and gone on to lead responsible lives and hopefully have lived their lives to their fullest.”–insurance journal

Really pathetic and very untrue.

Watch all of these New York public officials sign the Congestion Pricing freak show into legislation because they got $500,000 from Mayor Bloomberg for their campaign funds. Should a District Attorney more profitably be spending his time in regards to the fuzziness of the ethics issue of I’ll pad your fund if you sign my project into law?

Or how suddenly there is no accounting for the money received for congestion pricing? Monies easily hidden among the NYC construction shanties all over town and in the subways for years; a place that has been like a junkyard for well over 6 years.

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Keep in mind should the Confess Gov resign or be impeached then Senator Bruno will be all powerful:

“Bruno, under the Constitution, would becoming “acting governor” and also remain as the Senate majority leader – functioning in both roles and literally able to cast votes in the Senate chamber on the third floor of the Capitol and then go down to the Executive Chamber on the second to administer the state.

That would allow him to nominate individuals for high public office, including judgeships, and then vote on their confirmation by the Senate, experts say. “–New York Post

What does troopergate actually mean?

“The Cuomo report triggered Senate investigative hearings and two investigations, one of which, conducted by the Albany County district attorney’s office, cleared Mr. Spitzer’s office of any wrongdoing. A separate probe by the state Ethics Commission is ongoing. “–nysun


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