Waste Reduction Pricing

No one really gets it.

In December 1895, Mr. Gould said an underground system would never pay financially. See here.

Litter, rats running through it, habitually late, graffiti pi, some people never get a seat and most people don’t feel safe.

It uses a city full of electricity produced from mountain top removal coal that ruins the quality of life for people living in Virginia’s mountains. see here

New York City’s parks department is America’s biggest destroyer of Amazonian rain forest.

litter pricing 1 (c)bubblegumvision2008

In the Vodka Chronicles, Maureen Dowd reminds us of Senator’s McCain’s tiny rages…

“(As a toddler, he had “tiny” rages. “I would go off in a mad frenzy and then, suddenly, crash to the floor unconscious,” he wrote. His parents would drop him into a bathtub of icy water.)”

Let us hear no more of this plan that exempted yellow taxis, consultants and Manhattanites in the Zone from the pricing. There was only one concrete plan and that was to serve the elite’s continued waste of the fresh air and space we breathe, to kick everyone else down under with the rats and litter and waste.

No plans on how to take care of the new riders of the mass transit system or how to cure the endless disappointments of pedestrians and the existing riders of the mass transit system were ever made available, never mentioned. The flaw was greed, greed is what won the Urban Partners pageant. Oh well, lesser beauties will get to wear the crown.

So the Hudson is ready and waiting for your icy baths Republicans, who aren’t afraid of your constitutents and the editors of waste loving papers. Hope its icy enough. Currently in Albany the water is 45 degrees and in the Battery its a little hotter at 45.86 degrees.

Singapore we are not! Fines in Singapore for anti-social behavior.

London? No, not even…

yep, New York, sweet New York…


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