Prisoners of their anti-social behavior

prisoners of their behavior (c)bubblegumvision2008

I was behind this scene, left in two clouds of cigar smoke, a prisoner of their anti-social behavior.

Singapore ahead of New York, no smoking at bus shelters; i.e. bus stops.


“The forthcoming ban on lighting up in public places has been extended to areas where there is an ‘inevitable close grouping of people’.

It would include bus shelters, football grounds, the entrances to office buildings, train platforms and concert venues.”

New York City, likes to puff its smoke-free (where?)

For 20 plus years there has been a New York City ordinance that states you may not smoke within 100 feet of buildings and yet….

need I say more….

oh that last September 2007 the Sanitation Department wrote me and said they were thinking about prohibiting smoking at bus stops and subways tunnels…still counting the days of their thoughts, puff, puff…

prohibit schmibit, what about enforcement???


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