A New York State of Mind: Elements of Congestion

“While Houstonians spend 56 hours a year in traffic, according to the TTI, only 20% spend more than 45 minutes getting to work. New Yorkers get stuck 46 hours a year in traffic, but 43% spend 45 minutes or more commuting.”–In Forbes, “America’s Most Congested Cities

Forbes lists the ‘no vote’ by New York State assembly as failed public initiative, an element of New York City’s gridlock.

I guess its just a point of view that isn’t the true order of Forbes wording ‘public initiative that would have failed”? The “”public”” ‘initiatives of the New York City mayor were to save the elements that cause congestion from the $8 congestion pricing fare.

The city council and Republican senators were offered campaign contributions of up to $550,000 from the New York City Mayor.

Republican senators offered placebos to unfavored Democrats. Minority and women run businesses were to have preference in the toll taking process and of course low income people would be exempt. Can low income people afford cars, parking and gas? oh my! I can’t.

I may be a rocket scientist but Talk to the
cell phone pictures!

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