If you were a Pedestrian What Would New York City look like to you?

what would a pedestrian see? (2) (c)bubblegumvision2008

take a break from the drivers look up!

Is there a war on pedestrians?

Remember the Guiliani anti-pedestrian war? his law still rattles on.

In Japan

No Smoking While Walking Zones 2004

Pedestrian Countdown Signals are to be Expanded in the NYC 2008
“In Manhattan along East 14th Street from 3rd to 5th Avenues.”(see more here)

Michael Bloomberg favors the Countdown Signals and so Coney Island was blessed with the first countdown signal in NYC circa 2006. here

San Francisco’s 2001 pedestrian countdown signals pilot program reduced confusion on pedestrian’s right of way.

Readers and fans of NYC Motor Vehicle manual (see here) might find the extensively confusing lingo on pedestrian’s right of way, uh, confusing. Clearly the example of the nonrarity of an event where simultaneously the Pedestrian gets a walk light and the driver a green light is missing from the manual.

Thus encouraged, driver plows onward without regard to pedestrian. Pedestrian paybacks later by walking on the red light and perhaps giving the added bonus of a thump on the car’s hood.

Last Friday, I witnessed some foreign pedestrian anarchy, whereby every single pedestrian just kept walking through the red lights in midtown Manhattan (Park Ave. to be exact). Police cars and standing police were in awe, oh how they love the euro. As a solid law abiding pedestrian without the ringo of Euro in my pockets I almost fainted from the experience and could not take a cell phone photo. (head fake?)


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