Long story…

I was seduced into giving the Existential nature of the East Side another chance to serve a customer. It was the news that a Mercedes Benz bus would be doing 30 days on the M101 bus route that lured me in; a bus whose greatness comes from within (yes that’s right, comparatively low infrastructure costs). I thought I might catch it Wednesday night, Not!

Not only did I not get a limited edition ride but there was no bus ride to be taken on any M101 bus and much congestion, cars in the bus lane, oh my! So much for East Side Existentialism!

I walked over to the Wild West, which actually by comparison to Opposite side proved tame.

And…that is where I came upon the BYOW concept..

Bring Your Own Walls or
Apartments with a View or
Congestion Pricing Essentials…
Clearly there were collective choices…


Reaching my preferred transportation destination, Columbus Circle, I was to find at least 100 more people than fire or safety departments would allow on the platform and indeed this was not a happy crowd as their arms were folded against their puffed up chests… now that is really bad PR!!

But just before this scene …

I had been good humoured by some witty honest graffiti … so I just tried to estimate how many of these people were foreigners who bought into the ad just a subway ride 15 minutes from Columbus Circle; a ride that in real time takes exactly 1 hour and 30 minutes on any weekday, a mere 8.6 miles away, driving time 18 minutes.


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