No Routines Essential to Comfort

In New York City if one wants to keep positive and sound of mind, they take care of their soles and take a different route to wherever they are going.

I always try to walk somewhere I haven’t been recently in the City; several times a day; whether at lunchtime, before or after work. The possibility for No Routines is enormous when you are on foot, by sole.

It was on such a different path that I found Comfort. Comfort is the keyword for Eneslow, The Foot Comfort Center since 1926, 470 Park Avenue South @32nd Street, NYC.

Comfort for the vegan and the non-vegan, the posture king and the foot challenged and the just plain fashionable.

While deciding on my next sole at Eneslow, I spotted a man with some foot charts. I asked if my choice of New Balance shoes would be good for walking many miles a day in the Concrete City.

He assured me positively while he tested for a perfect fit. I found a dressier pair of comfort shoes by Clark that were also suitable for the sidewalks of New York. The shoes had a splash of leather, oh well, I sighed as I bought them.

As the specialist was talking about the benefits of high end posture shoes or at least insoles for my further comfort; I noticed above him on the wall, art work.

Isn’t that unusual, I thought? This art was different, iconic and sports, together with happiness. Berrie Marten’s happy people abound the world over and are autographed by sports stars, they grace the walls walls of Eneslow, UNICEF ( Happy People Foundation ) and Martens Gallery in Amsterdam, Holland. See Happy People Make People Happy.

Comfort is essential to great performances as well as “no routines.”


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