The House that Jeff Built for Brand Loci

JC Report interviews Jeffrey Hutchison: Architect of Luxury in its May 2008 issue.

Jeff Hutchison gives the brand as king of the castle a new meme to buzz over: “consistency fatigue.”

He works to overcome the brand House plan burnout by treating the customer and brand to new location experiences; vacations in comfort, lighting and emotional space.

The future of museums may have already changed with Jeff Koons on the Roof. (see YouTube) And further comfort and emotional connection from this Jeff will be most welcome to the entirety of that venue.

It astounds me that the lighting
in most museums is so poor.
. . .

Too many recent museums
are a total blank slate when it
comes to what they
communicate about the art
they house.

. . .
I think galleries can be
designed to be more
comfortable to allow for
people to feel like they can
spend more time in them.
The process of viewing art in
most museums is too rushed.

Read more about Mr. Hutchison’s aspirations to create a customer experience for Virgin Galactic here.


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